Talyst Autopharm Analytics Ad


Advertisement Campaign

- AutoPharm® Analytics Software Launch

Tasked with creating the Talyst Analytics Software Advertisement. I was given the main tagline "The View Is Better Up Here" and I wanted to follow that slogan and incorporate it into my design, which focused on showing that the inpatient hospital pharmacy isn't always a cost center relegated to a hospital basement, but could drive that pharmacy forward and upward.

Autopharm Enterprise Software Ad
Matrix Fitness Portfolio Example

Matrix Fitness

Advertisement Campaign

- Product Launch, T7xe Treadmill

Matrix Fitness was spending a lot of money working with an outside ad agency in creating product advertisements.

I pitched my idea to create the advertisement for the new T5xe Treadmill marketing campaign within house to management, instead of having the local ad firm create the advertisement for us. My idea was well received by internal management and I was able to execute my concepts. By keeping the T7xe Treadmill advertisement campaign in house, I ended up saving the marketing department $9,000.

Mhssc Logo Identity

Mt Hood Summer Ski & Snowboard Camp (MHSSC)

Company Rebranding

- Logo & Identity

During this six week freelance rebranding project. I was able to design a concept with a whole new look and feel for the Mt Hood Summer Ski & Snowboard Camp.

This solo project involved re-creating the MHSSC marketing branding guide and logo redesign.