| Recent UX projects

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

Resigned the new Anthem®: Smarthelp dashboard for the help-desk agents, administrators and department managers. Since an onboarding experience didn't exists, I created one for all of the new users to within the Anthem Smarthelp plaform.

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

This new Anthem®: Smarthelp Foster Care application dashboard is specifically designed for help desk agents to dig into and investigate foster care facilities and customers on the Smarthelp platform.


Redesigned new virtual retail customer-facing forms. I created an easier user flow within the desktop to mobile forms. With the main focus on the mobile platform.


Microsoft Azure: Customer Health Index (CHI) is a snapshot of customers' accounts represented as a singular trending health score.


Amazon: Rosebread (RB) is a full-stack application for managing Amazon’s social risk in their supply chain and internal operations.

Designed a new software feature within Amazon's RB internal software called data integration. I created an easy user flow with a task alert bubble notification in the navigation and a filter by and sort by feature.


Amazon: Rosebread (RB) is a full-stack application for managing Amazon’s social risk in their supply chain and internal operations.

Designed new tracking features within Amazon's RB internal software. I created new drop down tabs and a filter by to review the history of modified and/or deleted entities.

Test Innovators

Test Innovators is an online platform that helps students receive access to practice tests (ACT, SAT, SSAT & ISEE) and exercises with tutors who can review result analytics to help guide student process.

I completed two different website projects for Test Innovators. Brand new tutor profile pages and a new student account home page.

Foundation for Health Care Quality

The Foundation for Health Care Quality (FHCQ) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing trusted and independent third-party resources to the health care community.

Created a multi-interchangeable template that included a consistent look throughout each foundation website. That included a new navigation experience. Easy access to resource documentation, event information, and a new member portal layout.


Talyst is dedicated to improving health care with innovative medication management software and services to help caregivers better serve their patients.

I redesigned Talyst’s website to create a visually outstanding user experience that included interactive elements, and a friendlier navigation and product presentation, which the previous website lacked.


The InSite System® 2.4 software is designed to enhance patient safety, improve staff utilization and increase financial results through streamlined operations and a reduction in medication waste.

I redesigned the software interface to create new, first-class navigation, implemented accessibility features, and updated the entire interface with the company’s new branding.


Yelp.com is a crowd-sourced business review and social networking site.

During a five-week design and prototyping class I focused on identifying and improving the current Yelp app. I wanted to improve the existing navigation to find a restaurant and redesign a visually outstanding user experience that included a friendlier navigation, which the current app lacks.

| Past UX/UI projects


Metal Worx

Website redesign

During this six-week project, I created and coded an interactive website redesign for Metal Worx Inc. As the sole designer, I created wireframes, mock-ups and source code for the site.



Website redesign

For this freelance project, over the course of five days I created responsive web and mobile design concepts for the well-known Dainese e-commerce store. As the sole designer, I managed the project from the top down, including wireframes and design design mock-ups for desktop, tablet and smartphone.