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Test Innovators website design (2020)

Test Innovators is an online platform that helps students receive access to practice tests (ACT, SAT, SSAT & ISEE) and exercises with tutors who can review result analytics to help guide student process.

Why redesign?

Tutors use this tool to create new student accounts as clients come in. We currently allow them to enter username, email, and password for ten unique students before they click “Create”. We need a design that will incorporate new fields for six parent's names and emails.

My role

I was the only designer. Worked with the Sr. Operations Manager. I focused on:

  • Low- and high-fidelity wireframes
  • Design mock-ups

Problems that needed to be solved

  • Unorganized form fields.
  • No form fields for parent's names and emails.




Keeping consistent with the present website layout, I started sketching out my ideas on paper for the new student account website page.

Low-fidelity sketches



New student accounts home page


1. New student accounts home page

  • Accessible form to record multiple student's and parent's names and emails.

Generate password form field


2. Generate password form field

  • The user has an option to generate or create a safe and customized password.

Error alert form field


3. Error alert form field

  • A more descriptive error messaging for users.

Optional parent form field section


4. Optional parent form field section

  • A drop-down menu to input parent's contact information.
  • The new hover effect shows users they are able to click on the title to fill in the parent's information.

Design mock-ups

After I completed the high fidelity wireframes and passed them onto Test Innovators. A top priority of mine was to bring those wireframes into color for more of a completed project.

New student accounts home page


Generate password form field


Error alert form field


Optional parent form field section


The outcome

I realized that persistence and framing an opportunity are key to fight for users. I felt discouraged when the team didn’t prioritize this feature, because it would of been a great user experience for tutors.

Two Test Innovators projects

I completed two different website projects for Test Innovators. This project, the new student accounts form field page, and two, the new tutor profile project. Below is the link to review that project: