A refresh look for the Anthem: Smarthelp dashboard

Anthem: Smarthelp dashboard project (2022)

Anthem: Smarthelp is a platform for associates leveraging data democracy, cognitive insights and Innovative AI / ML enabling best-in-class constituent experience.

Why redesign?

Anthem is updating the Smarthelp application, which prompted a redesign of their dashboard. The rationale for the project included:

  • The import web application app locations are below the fold-line and hard to fine at first glance
  • Smarthelp demo videos and about documents are outdated
  • Remove unnecessary widgets
  • No step-by-step onboarding process for new Smarthelp application users

My role

I worked with the ux director, project manager and development team. I focused on:

  • Information architecture
  • Low- and high-fidelity wireframes
  • Design mock-ups
  • Prototyping

Problems that needed to be solved

  • A step-by-step onboarding process for new users within the Smarthelp application
  • Organizing customized dashboards for users, from Anthem help agents, administrators to department managers


Internal web application

Information architecture

To help me organize and drive my designs forward, I laid out a user flow for the new Smarthelp application dashboards moving forward. I concentrated on:

  • Creating an onboarding process for brand new users within the Smarthelp application
  • A more organized dashboard to alleviate confusion
smarthelp-member-profile-dashboard-information architecture (1)


Before laying out my design mock-ups, I started sketching out my ideas on paper for these Smarthelp dashboard projects.

My notes and sketches


Design mock-ups

After putting down my ideas and notes on paper, I moved forward with creating high-fidelity mock-ups for the onboarding, help desk agents, administrators and department manager dashboards.

Onboarding dashboard mock-ups

Smarthelp login page

page-on-boarding

Smarthelp onboarding welcome page


A first time user will be able to start the onboarding process or go directly to the basic dashboard.

Onboarding, step 1 - Select your apps 

how to use-add-apps-step1

Step 1, Check the box to select all of the apps you would like to request access to.

Onboarding, step 2 - Select your apps access level

how to use_add_apps_step2

Step 2, Use the dropdown to choose the access level you would like to request for the app.

Onboarding, step 3 - Submit apps for approval

how to use-add-apps-step3

Step 3, Let's submit your apps for approval or clear all of your apps selections.

Onboarding, step 4 - Review requested app access

how to use-add-apps-step4

Step 4, Review, remove, change your app access level and submit apps for approval.

Onboarding, My apps location

how to use-my-apps

Your approved apps location. You are able to pin your favorite apps to your Priority Apps section, update your app access level and app help docs if needed.

Onboarding, App request status

how to use-my-apps-request-status-step1

Step 1, You can review your requested apps status.

Onboarding, Approved apps location

how to use-my-apps-request-status-step2

Step 2, You are able to see the review status of your apps within this slide out.

Onboarding, My priority apps section

how to use-my-prioity-apps

You can customize your apps location in the priority apps section and are able to Unpin your apps to your Apps section, update your app access level and app help docs if needed.

First time user dashboard view

agent_apps_1st_ time_user_dashboard

Help agent dashboard mock-ups

Smarthelp login page

page-on-boarding

Help desk agent dashboard page


Add apps dropdown - unchecked apps experience


Add apps dropdown - 2 checked apps experience


Successful alert - apps submitted


Error alert - apps submit error


App request status drawer for review


Alert - information app approval


Administrator dashboard mock-ups

Smarthelp login page

page-on-boarding

Administrator dashboard


Administrator pending items dashboard


Administrator approved items dashboard


Department manager dashboard mock-ups

Smarthelp login page

page-on-boarding

Smarthelp department manager dashboard


Department manager pending items dashboard

dashboard-application-access-requests-pg copy 2

Department manager's my access items dashboard

dashboard-application-access-requests-pg copy 3

Next steps

Once the final mock-ups were complete, I presented them to the stakeholders and development team. Impressed with the designs, I created redlines and sent my designs to the development team to build and implement.